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Chutzpa Productions Inc •  2020 - 2021

1 Season • 10 Episodes •  30min

Created by Igal Hecht

The Wilderness represents desolation, abandonment and contemplation. It is in the most desolate places where God has made his most significant appearances and where it speaks to people. ’The Wilderness,’ a new series created and produced by Igal Hecht, explores the iconic stories from the Bible and New Testament that take place in the biblical heartland of ancient Israel.

​Written & Directed by: Igal Hecht

Produced by: Igal Hecht

Assistant Director: Lior Cohen

Edited by: Igal Hecht

Cinematography: Igal Hecht, Sergey Maydin

Camera: Sergey Maydin, Lior Cohen, Igal Hecht

Sound: Lior Cohen, Sergey Maydin, Igal Hecht

Aerial Photography: Lior Cohen

Animation: Nissim Farin

On-line and Sound Mix: Igal Hecht

Makeup: Gai Hoffmann

Fixer: Dotan Nave

Green Screen: Sergey Maydin


Studio Team:

Camera and Sound: Lior Cohen, Gabriel Volcovich

Makeup: Liron Zecharia 

Filmed on location in Mitzpe Ramon, Israel.

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