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The Canadian Jewish News

"Can modern archeology prove Jews’ historic ties to Israel?"


"Funny at times and jarringly raw at others, the film offers a look at the life of Khosrow Vaziri, better known by his fans as The Iron Sheik."

T-Mak World

"A Universal Language – Film Review NXNE 2013"

That Shelf

"Hot Docs 2014: The Sheik Review"

"Six Canadian Comics in Search of Israeli Humor"

The Globe and Mail

"Hot Docs 2014: What documentaries should you see at this year's fest?"

The Jerusalem Post

"Igal Hecht talks to the ‘Magazine’ about making his award-winning film ‘My Home,’ which explores opinions of minority groups living in Israel."

The Times of Israel

"Filmmaker takes the Bible into ‘The Wilderness’ in new 10-part series"

The Canadian Jewish News

"New documentary gives a voice to Israeli Arabs"


"The inside tale of busking"

The Times of Israel

"Israeli-Canadian filmmaker gives Jewish state’s minorities a major role"

The National Post

"Q&A: Igal Hecht, director of A Universal Language"

Critics At Large

The Chutzpa of Igal Hecht

Reel News Daily

"Igal Hecht’s ‘The Sheik’ About Wrestler The Iron Sheik Puts Jabronis in The Camel Clutch"

POV Magazine

"REVIEW: The Sheik"


"The Sheik Review"

York Region

“Forgotten on Sinjar” tells the story of the genocide committed against the Yazidi people as well as their survival and struggles as they search for a new home.

Christian Week

"Messianic Jews featured in new documentary"

Geek Hard

"Making you Humble: My Review of The Sheik (Screening at Hot Docs ’14)"

Jewish Independant

Director pleased that both left and right hate his film

The Hollywood Reporter

"Hot Docs Fest: Rob Ford Rival Olivia Chow Apologizes for Meeting the Iron Sheik"

The Independant Critic

"A Universal Language is an intelligent, emotionally honest, and remarkably funny film."

Jewish Independant

"Uncovering Israel’s wonders"


"Meet the Filmmaker: Igal Hecht"

Besides the upcoming TV airing of his film about a world-class competitive eater, seasoned filmmaker Igal Hecht has a lot more on his plate.

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