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Igal Hecht

Chutzpa Productions Inc. was created in 1999 by documentary filmmaker Igal Hecht.


His award-winning films --which have been described as controversial and thought-provoking-- have dealt with everything from human rights issues to pop culture. Throughout his career, Igal Hecht has been involved in the production of over fifty documentary films and over twenty television series. Igal's projects have been screened nationally and internationally on Netflix, BBC, Documentary Channel, CBC, YES-TV (Canada), HBO Europe, and many others.

Some of Igal’s work includes editing and producing 'The Story of Furious Pete,' which premiered at the 2010 Hot Docs Film Festival to a sold-out audience. He also produced and directed 'The Hilltops,' which premiered at the 2011 Hot Docs Film Festival. In 2013 he directed and edited the award-winning documentary 'A Universal Language,' a film that pushed the limits by bringing comedy to the Middle East. in 2014, Igal directed ‘The Sheik,’ which premiered at Hot Docs and featured the likes of Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson. 

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Igal's show 'MUZIKA' ran from 2011 to 2015 and aired nationally in the US and Canada, with a total of 104 episodes. In 2014, Igal co-produced 'A Woman's Story,' which was directed by Azra Rashid and shot in Canada, Poland, Bangladesh, and Rwanda. 'A Woman's Story' has aired on numerous channels and has received numerous awards and garnered critical acclaim from around the world. In 2016, Igal edited “The Pass System,” another acclaimed film, directed by Alex Williams.

In 2016, Igal created a six-part docu-series titled 'Daughters of Eve,' which premiered on YES-TV in Canada and has been showcased internationally on the streaming service Pure Flix. That same year, Igal was awarded "best director" at the Global Cinema Film Festival for his film 'My Home,' which also won "best film" at the Mosiac and Cineview international film festivals. The film had its world broadcast premiere on the Documentary Channel in Canada and Channel 1 in Israel. The film has also been broadcasted across the Middle East on BBC Arabic.

From 2017 to 2020, Igal produced and directed three television series with a total of over 117 episodes. Included is a 52-part documentary series, 'House of God,' which was filmed in 9 countries including Canada, Israel, Colombia, Argentina, among others, and airs nationally on YES-TV in Canada. Another series produced and directed by Hecht is a 13-part series titled 'Buskers,' a show about street performers from around the world, and 'Holy Art,' which explored the art scene in Israel and aired for four seasons with a total of 52 episodes. 


In 2021, Hecht's award winning documentary film 'Forgotten on Sinjar' --which explores the Yazidi genocide-- aired on CBC's documentary channel. Hecht also released his ten-part series, 'The Wilderness,' which has been showcased in Canada, the U.S., Australia, and the United Kingdom. Hecht's new series, 'Path To Creation,' a show about different artists across Canada, is about to enter it's 4th season of production. Seasons one and two are currently airing across Canada on YES-TV. 


Hecht's upcoming projects include: 'The Jewish Shadow,' a documentary film that explores the lives of Soviet Jews in 1970's Ukraine, and 'In Those Days,' a six-part documentary series about history, both of which are set to premiere in late 2022. Hecht has also served as an editor and a director of photography on multiple films, including 'Jack of All Trades,' which was showcased on Netflix, and 'In Search of Blind Joe Death' which has been played at over 100 film festivals around the world. 


As of 2022, Igal Hecht continues to work on his own projects (which includes a slate of films and television series) and is often found collaborating with filmmakers from around the world on a variety of subject matter and programs.

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