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Chutzpa Productions Inc •  2009 •  48min

Shunned delves into a community about which very little is known or spoken of. The film will tell the story of three LGBTQ Arab Palestinians who have chosen to be who they are despite living in a society that refuses to accept them and shuns their true identity. The internal struggle of the LGBTQ Palestinian community is constant and often overshadowed by the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Shunned exposes the complexity and daily struggles of various Gay and Lesbian Palestinians within their families. The film explores the inner battles, fight for their parents love, acceptance, legitimacy and over coming of prejudices, while having the Palestinian/Israeli conflict serve as the background.

Written & Directed by: Igal Hecht

Produced by: Igal Hecht

Production Manager: Vitali Krivich

Edited by: Igal Hecht

Cinematography: Igal Hecht, Lior Cohen

Camera: Igal Hecht

Assistant Editor: Carlos R. Guevara

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