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 Innov8r •  2020 •  96min

Since he was a child Roman Lapshin has been haunted by a secret his late grandfather revealed to him when he was only 12 years old. A personal disclosure regarding the mysterious and troubling origins of thousands of pieces of missing artwork his grandfather had painted over his lifetime. As long as he can remember, Roman has been obsessed with the burden of his grandfather's revelation, convinced that he alone must investigate and expose the murky fate of his grandfather's artwork to redeem his grandfather's name and artistic legacy. But finding the paintings will mean going against the wishes of his entire family - who have been guarding this secret all along. It also means confronting the notorious and powerful man at the centre of this secret whom Roman believes exploited his grandfather when he was a desperate, recent immigrant to a new country.

Written, Directed & Produced by: Billie Mintz

Field Producer: Israel & Camera: Igal Hecht

Executive Producers: Bruce Cowley, Danny Webber

Cinematography: Billie Mintz

Editing: Michele Francis

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