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Les Productions Point de Vue •  2018 •  62min

Genocide comprises acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group. However, women are impacted differently from their male counterparts in genocide. For women in Rwanda, Cambodia and the Indigenous communities in Canada, the struggle to survive continues post-genocide. In these communities ravaged by death and destruction and the loss of vital infrastructure, women learn new skills to survive, including how to start and run their own businesses. That is the reason why many native women in Canada have started their own small businesses and the city markets in Rwanda and Cambodia are dominated by women vendors. This film explores the struggles faced by women small business owners and the way their lives are impacted at a local level by global political and economic decisions.

Written & Directed by: Azra Rashid

Produced by: Azra Rashid

Edited by: Igal Hecht

Cinematography: Igal Hecht, Jean Philippe Delpal, Shakur Ndayishimiye

Camera: Igal Hecht

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