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Fraud Squad TV •  2011 - 2015 

2 Seasons • 26 Episodes •  30min

Created by Daniel D'Or

"A fool and his money are soon parted." That may have been true centuries ago, but today everyone from a retired grandmother to a hotshot CEO is in danger of getting ripped off. Fraud Squad is the great equalizer. Enlightening viewers on how to spot and avoid scams, this investigative series examines various types of fraud including telemarketing and home improvement scams, identity theft, pyramid schemes, mortgage cons, insurance swindles and charity rip-offs. Hosted by Tom Hnatiw and Lea Thompson, former Chief Consumer Correspondent for Dateline, Fraud Squad profiles both the swindlers and their unsuspecting victims, all the while educating viewers on how to stay a step ahead of the game.

Directed by: Daniel D'Or, Igal Hecht

Written by: Daniel D'Or

Produced by: Tara Boire, Daniel D'Or, Mark Terry

Edited by: Igal Hecht

Cinematography: Igal Hecht, Jean-Pierre Joubert

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